GR_cover_okPino Forastiere, Sergio Altamura, Stefano Barone,
acoustic guitar, prepared guitar, processed voice, live electronics

trio (2010)

total time 45

Guitar Republic is the solo-duo-trio concert by Sergio Altamura, Stefano Barone and Pino Forastiere: music in the widest sound spectrum you may imagine, from the pure acoustic guitar sound to experimental electronics. Rock, improvisation, minimalism, mediterranean colors and rhythms are performed on the same stage by three different citizens of the same Guitar Republic.


01. GR Airport
02. Funky Sex Republic
03. Republic Avenue
04. Radio Republic
05. Ghetto Republic
06. Luna Park Republic
07. GR Station
09. The Rite of the Republic

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A new Italian guitar supergroup… an orchestral approach to the guitar ensemble that has global percussion breakouts, cello etudes, avant-garde sound effects and blue slides, all from 3 guitars – Echoes blog

Put three musical Einsteins together and what do you get? Guitar Republic, a group that could literally change the way we look at contemporary acoustic guitar. – Request Productions

Comparisons? Think Kronos Quartet, as a trio, guitars not violins, making it up as they go along. -Minor 7th

Altamura, Barone and Forastiere founded a Republic of Sound that feeds on the differences of its inhabitants, where they meet each other and unite their forces to create a common language, wonderfully variegated and complex. In the centre of this collective rite, there’s the acoustic guitar, that like a sort of shaman goes in trance assuming multiple forms and identities, putting men in contact with the magical world of harmony. – Jam Magazine


Guitar Republic     “Funky Sex Republic”

Guitar Republic     “GR Station”


Guitar Republic     “Republic Avenue”