copBookletPino Forastiere, acoustic guitar
solo (2003)





total time: 44′ 40″


01. Non Sense (3:44) — A1 G2 D3 E3 A3 C#4
02. Seagull B (3:36) — C#2 G#2 C#3 F#3 G#3 C#4
03. November (3:53) — D2 A2 C3 G3 C4 E4
04. Rag Tap Boom (3:18) — D2 A2 D3 E3 A3 C4
05. Last Minute (3:29) — D2 A2 D3 G3 A3 D4
06. Hidden 7 (3:28) — D2 A2 D3 F3 C4 D4
07. Q.B. (3:17) — Bb1 F2 Bb2 C3 F3 Bb3
08. Wild Parking (4:39) — B1 F#2 C#3 D3 A3 D4
09. For You (3:53) — B1 F#2 C#3 D3 A3 D4
10. Complicated Night (4:11) — A1 G2 D3 E3 A3 C#4
11. Thumb (2:18) — C#2 G#2 E3 E3 B3 E4
12. Uni-Verse (2:32) — A#1 G2 D3 F3 A#3 C4
13. Piccolo Tema (2:12) — C#2 G#2 E3 E3 B3 E4

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He’s an Italian guitarist with formidable chops and animated performance style. Influenced by Michael Hedges, Forastiere has managed to distill that two-handed tapping approach into his own evocative compositions on a CD appropriately called RAG, TAP, BOOM…. John Diliberto – Echoes Radio

Rag Tap Boom is a fitting showcase for Forastiere’s superb acoustic guitar work. 20th Century Guitar Magazine


Pino Forastiere   “Rag Tap Boom”

 Pino Forastiere   “Hidden 7”