WHY NOT coverPino Forastiere, acoustic guitar
solo / orchestra (2008)





total time 40′

Why Not? is Pino Forastiere’s third solo guitar album. Tracks 1-7 are dedicated to the most intimate images from Forastiere’s homeland in Southern Italy, Lucania. Track 8, the title track, has been recorded live from the Concerto for acoustic guitar and string orchestra that Forastiere premiered in Rome in January, 2008 with the Roma3 Orchestra conducted by Pietro Mianiti.


01. Rito — Bb1 F2 Bb3 Db3 Ab3 Bb4
02. Fase 1 — C2 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4
03. Fase 2 — C2 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4
04. Danza Forastiera — C2 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4
05. L’Uomo Vuoto — C2 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4
06. Cammino — D2 A2 D3 E3 A3 C4
07. L’Attesa — Bb1 F2 Bb2 C3 G3 C4
08. Why Not? * — D2 A2 C3 E3 A3 E4
* Concerto for electro-acoustic guitar and string orchestra; Roma3 Orchestra, conductor: Pietro Mianiti, solo guitar: Pino Forastiere

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This album is highly recommended for all fans of contemporary instrumental music and for guitarists Wanting to hear the potential of the acoustic instrument played at the highest level imaginable.  James Scott, Minor 7th

The last track and title song “Why Not” is a concert for acoustic guitar and string orchestra. Pino plays solo guitar together with the Roma Tre Orchestra. On this delightful composed piece the interaction between orchestra and solo guitar is magnificent. This CD is truly a work of art. Henk te Veldhuis, Bridge Guitar Reviews



Pino Forastiere   “Fase 1”


Pino Forastiere   “Why Not?” (finale)