Layout 1Pino Forastiere, acoustic guitar
solo (2011)





Total time 44’

from 1 to 8 is a collection of eight etudes for acoustic guitar, and is album number 8 in the discography of the Italian guitarist and composer Pino Forastiere.
from 1 to 8 contains one trio and seven solo etudes,  focused on different technical and composition issues. Arpeggios, tapping, hammering, muting, playing in nocturne (n.2), Italian traditional dances (n.7, n.8), blues (n.4), creating dreamy musical landscapes (n.1, n.6), and frantic urban rhythms (n.3, n.5).
Through an almost “pianistic” compositional style, Forastiere explores the widest possible range of sounds and colours on the acoustic guitar; the CD is recorded live and without overdubbing, with the sole exception of the trio, where Forastiere plays each of the three parts.
from 1 to 8 is a cd for instrumental music lovers, and for  guitar fans. A set of very detailed scores is also available for all those who want to study advanced techniques of the contemporary acoustic guitar. The cd was premiered at the New York Guitar Festival on January 29th, 2012.

TRACKLIST & TUNINGS (scores available: buy now)

01. studio n.1 — D2 A2 D3 F3 C4 E4
02. studio n.2 — D2 A2 D3 F3 C4 D4
03. studio n.3 — D2 A2 C3 G3 C4 E4
04. studio n.4 — G1 G2 D3 F3 A#3 E4
05. studio n.5 — D2 A2 C3 E3 A3 E4
06. studio n.6 — D2 A2 D3 E3 A3 C4
07. studio n.7 — D2 A2 C3 E3 B3 E4
08. studio n.8 – I movimento, trio — 1st and 3rd guitar C2 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4 – 2nd guitar G1 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4
09. studio n.8 – II movimento, solo — C2 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4
10. studio n.8 – III movimento, trio — 1st and 3rd guitar C2 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4 – 2nd guitar G1 G2 D3 F3 C4 E4

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Each composition is a unique journey of impeccable technique and melodic invention. Pino Forastiere is a scientist of the guitar, but a scientist with soul. – John Diliberto, Echoes Radio (CD of the month, February 2012)

Hard to find comparisons in the guitar composition of Forastiere, who seems to look elsewhere for his instrumental models, especially in the piano literature, or  the harpsichord, like in Studio n.6 – Jacopo Tomatis, Il Giornale della Musica

Forastiere’s technique is futuristic, and his musical sensibility is visionary. – Stefano Tavernese, Chitarre

This is music from a genius which will make you excited about music all over again.  – Alan Fark, Minor