20 22 Concert for Expanded Guitar

“20-22 Concert for Expanded Guitar” is a single track lasting 31 minutes and 27 seconds; a musical fluid that blends notes, sounds, noises, and twentieth-century quotations, in an unprecedented texture of contemporary soundscapes.

20-22 is performed and recorded live, with a prepared 19-string guitar and electronics.

Available on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes and major digital stores.


Technical Notes

Guitar and Tunings: LAB Guitar (19-string), tuned in 5 different tunings modified live during the performance.

The structure is organized in 7 different Sections from A to G of variable lenght.

Pre-recorded Orchestrated sections:

– Music and words from different Radio stations

– Metal and wood percussive sounds

Live recorded Orchestrated sections:

– from the LAB Guitar, sounds obtained by scratching, percussion, bottleneck. Those sounds are recorded by a Loop Machine, manipulated live by altering the signal at half speed, double the speed, reverse.

– In the sections A B D F, an hexaphonic pickup is also used.

This is special music. Pino is that most perfect and rare paradox in art – A restless mind that can never be satisfied, but a soul whose quest is simple and pure, namely the quest for beauty. 
He’s expanded the guitar to the point that it conforms totally to his will, even physically, becoming a new machine that can express a vast palette of feelings and moods. And he uses this to build musical architecture, crystalline cathedrals of sound. And you get to step inside. Don’t pass up that opportunity. 
– Jon Gomm



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