international-guitar-night-v-Pino Forastiere, Clive Carroll, Brian Gore, acoustic guitar
Alexandre Gismonti, classical guitar
solo, duo, quartet (2010)



© 2010 International Guitar Night

The International Guitar Night (IGN) is the world’s premier touring guitar festival. Each show brings together the most interesting and innovative acoustic guitarists to exchange musical ideas in a public concert setting. Each tour, IGN founder Brian Gore invites a new cast of guitar luminaries to join him for special evenings of solos, duets and quartets that highlight the virtuosity and diversity within the world of acoustic guitar. International Guitar Night V features Alexandre Gismonti, exciting young Brazilian guitarist and son of the legendary Egberto Gismonti, and Pino Forastiere from Italy, one of the leading players of the new contemporary steel string guitar world, England’s show-stopping steel string guitarist Clive Carroll and IGN founder Brian Gore from San Francisco.


01. O Trenzinho Do Caipira
02. One
03. Saudades
04. Cancao em C
05. Shiney Wooden Toy
06. Fringe Hinge
07. Danza
08. Fase 2
09. Song For Chris Berry
10. Movimento I
11. Whiter Shade Of Pale
12. Loom Of Desire
13. Na Pressao
14. Luomo Vuoto
15. The Choice Wife




Forastiere / Gismonti   “O Trenzinho do Caipira” (Villa Lobos)


Forastiere / Gore   “I° Movimento” (Forastiere)



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